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Engorgement relief and possible EPing

My baby was born on Friday and my milk came in two days ago. My son has serious nursing issues. I have seen a lactation consultant and it was determined that he has a submucousal tongue tie and the part that holds his upper lip (I believe she called it a frenulum,) is also a bit short. He screams at my breasts and barely latches on. If he does latch, it is a bad latch and he holds it for 30 seconds tops before unlatching and screaming some more. We came up with a plan together to try to get him to nurse. She recommended cranio-sacral therapy. I am to try to nurse him when he shows feeding cues in a reclined position by laying him in between my breasts and letting him search for the nipple and latch on. If he does not latch on and nurse, I am supposed to feed him pumped breastmilk with my Playtex Ventaire bottle and slow flow nipple, making sure the nipple is entirely in his mouth and removing the bottle after 5 to seconds of him being on it. She called this method paced feeding. So basically, right now I am doing double the work. I am nursing and pumping every two to three hours, around the clock. I am also taking Motherlove More Milk Plus supplements to help maintain my supply. At the moment, I am able to pump 2 to 4 oz of milk in approximately 20 minutes, every 2 to 3 hours. However, his latch isn't really improving at all. I am facing possible EPing, which is fine though I would prefer to nurse at the breast. I need to create a time limit for myself concerning when I will just start exclusively pumping. I was thinking I'd give myself 4 weeks, and if he hasn't learned to latch on properly by then, I will begin to EP. What are your thoughts on this? If you faced EPing, what time limit did you give yourself? What do you think of my LC's method?

Also, my left breast has become engorged, it feels really heavy, hard, and somewhat lumpy. Not sure why my right breast doesn't feel engorged. What are some ways to ease the discomfort in my left breast?

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