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Re: Engorgement relief and possible EPing

FOr the engorgement try cold cabbage leaves, works wonders.

I had breastfeeding issues as well. I started out weighting DS, then nursing with a shield, weighing again, pumping, then bottle feeding and topping up anything more needed. A feed took over an hour and he only went 2 hours between. It was ridiculous.

I went to another LC she said to stp the sheild and got DS to latch properly. We had to buld my milk so I had to keep pumping for a while. In the end I found fenugreek to make the biggest difference.

At about 5 weeks DS nursed for teh first time, before that he could never latch, by about 3 months he was off formula and exclusively breastfed. I did not have enough milk to even ep at first.

If it is important to you I woud keep trying and I would get a second opinion see if someone else has another approach.

Good luck.
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