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Re: Engorgement relief and possible EPing

Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Do not use cabage leaves, that can cause your milk to decrease and possibly dry up. No offense, but in my opinion his latch isn't going to get much better while being bottle fed (or using a pacifier, if you are). Could you possibly cup, spoon, or syringe feed? Also, can you make an appointment to get his tounge/lip tie clipped?
Glad someone told me about the cabbage leaves before I sent DH out to buy some! I don't use a pacifier. I was syringe feeding before, but it seemed like he was just getting used to having the milk squirted into his mouth with absolutely no effort on his part.

I really don't want to have his tongue tie clipped. I have a thing about causing him pain. he can stick his tongue out, my LC didn't think it's severe enough to prevent him from being able to breastfeed effectively.
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