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I EPed from the beginning with DD1. She was a NICU baby and didn't even start feeding through a nose tube for several days. Then she started on bottles, and refused the breast. After 4 months of pumping every 4 hours around the clock, and attempting to nurse with no success, I gave up. I had just been going without thinking, and hoped she would nurse. Then 1 day I realized feedings were a nightmare for both of us because of all the stress, DH and I were both exhausted (he did nighttime feedings while I pumped, she had to be fed every 4 hours or less til 5 months), and it wasn't going anywhere. Switched to bottles, slowly eliminated 1 pumping session a day, and never looked back. We were all much happier.

I think whenever you feel like you're done, you're done. EPing is hard work, and everyone has a different tolerance, KWIM?

As a side note, DD2 is still nursing at 1 year. Good luck!
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