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Re: Engorgement relief and possible EPing

Originally Posted by Serenajean1 View Post
FOr the engorgement try cold cabbage leaves, works wonders.

I had breastfeeding issues as well. I started out weighting DS, then nursing with a shield, weighing again, pumping, then bottle feeding and topping up anything more needed. A feed took over an hour and he only went 2 hours between. It was ridiculous.

I went to another LC she said to stp the sheild and got DS to latch properly. We had to buld my milk so I had to keep pumping for a while. In the end I found fenugreek to make the biggest difference.

At about 5 weeks DS nursed for teh first time, before that he could never latch, by about 3 months he was off formula and exclusively breastfed. I did not have enough milk to even ep at first.

If it is important to you I woud keep trying and I would get a second opinion see if someone else has another approach.

Good luck.
We tried the nipple shield too, but he doesn't want anything to do with it. he just pulls on it. The Motherlove supplement contains Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Fennel seed and nettle.

I'm considering going to the LC my midwife suggested and seeing what her opinion is.
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