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Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi

Here are more pics of the mediums for those of you needing help choosing. These are the unbleached medium prefolds (and the white GMD WB.)

Basically, here is how I look at the mediums: Wide baby are for younger chubby babies. Zabi rainbows are for older babies or toddlers who are slender and need a taller rise but do not need the width of the larges. Imagines and GMDs are average. If your baby has a shorter rise, consider Imagine. If your baby has a taller rise, consider the GMD reds. Osocozy and Diaper Rite are wider, with the Osocozy being for a shorter rise, and the DR for a longer rise. However, I would not rule out the wider prefolds if your baby is average, I'd still try them. It's just that if your baby needs more width, you may need the DR or the Osocozy.

Buuuuut, the feel of the prefolds is different from brand to brand. Zabi, Wide Baby and OsoCozy are denser prefolds. The DR, Imagine, and GMD tend to be more loosely woven, making them more fluffy. The absorbency varies.

The order of pics is really random, and I will come back and make more sense of it when I can, but here they are:

This one pic shows all mediums, even the organics, but the others are all unbleached mediums and the GMD WB:

And one more pic showing medium to larges:
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