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Thread Killers - A place to chat, make friends and support one another! Join us :)

Hello Mamas -

Welcome to the Thread Killers. This thread was started by a few great mamas who were looking to make some real friends on DS and who were sometimes lonely. This thread is a place to share, to make friends, and to get support. EVERYONE is welcome to our safe corner of DS. Please come on in and say Hi!_______________________________________________ ________________

I have noticed a disturbing trend.

9 times out of 10 if I post in a thread it will die right away. Often I kill the thread myself being the last post. Sometimes it fizzles out a post or two after me.

I just don't get it - even good threads which I find super interesting. Or threads in which the OP asks a question and then never updates or never responds to requests for more info. Threads which are BRAND new, threads that are super old - doesn't matter.

I SWEAR if I were more active on DS I could shut the entire site down

Anyone else a thread killer?

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