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Re: I'm a thread killer!

im a thread killer also. i wonder if its cuz im not on this much since i dont have alot of time to b & ppl dont know me that well. hmmmm, idk.

Originally Posted by okiemama View Post
Here I am the one true thread murderer it me I know it! I've been quoted maybe twice and once was so someone could flame me I bow in all my thread killing glory! I swear I was gonna make a post titled "ok seriously do y'all hate me!?!?"
(the part in purple)
LMBO! i was thinking about doing that at one time too.

Originally Posted by okiemama View Post
Oh my god I know! Or your threads are basically you talking to yourself!
i've done this too. lol

Originally Posted by Scarlett's mommy View Post
I would like to take a minute and talk to you all about Jesus and your relationship with him.

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& now the thread dies. lol
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