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Re: The Membrane Scrape

Originally Posted by Manna00
No baby yet!! My parents went to the fair this weekend in California (I'm in Virginia)... and my father (bless his heart) made a wish that Sam would be born on the 4th of July.... so now, if this kiddo is born on the 4th, it's all Dad's fault!!

So.. now I have a new feeling going on... maybe you mamas can help. when I try to sit up in bed or even if I'm lying down and try to lift my legs (basic ab movement) my lower pelvis (like.. any area that would traditionally be covered in pubic hair.. sorry TMi! That's the best way I can describe where the hurt is) hurts... it hurts almost like a sore muscle.

Anyone? Anyone??
It's his head putting pressure there. It means he's moving down! That's good! I know this because my sons huge mellon gave me the same pain! Not that you want to walk around like this (it might look a little silly) but counterpressure helps a little! Good luck! Just relax your body as much as possible so he can move down more!

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