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?about baby and sleeping

I have never used CIO with my baby dd, I have never had to. She has always been content to fall asleep on her own. She doesnt cry when she goes in her crib, she just smiles, watches her mobile, plays with her stuffed toys, sucks on her blanket, and within minutes she is sound asleep. In fact this is the only way I can get her to sleep. On me she fusses and whines and gets uncomfortable. She truly just wants to be in her bed.

Lately, however, she is not sleeping. She is still not crying, but I will check on her half hour later and she is still just laying there in bed babbling or playing. I feel really bad about this, even though she is not in the least bit upset, but I dont want her to just lay there indefinatley hoping for sleep, kwim?

So my question is, how long would you wait for her to nap before getting her out of bed? even in the am I don tknow when she wakes up because she doenst even cry. The few times she has cried at naptime I pick her up immediately and we play for a whle longer until I see her rubbing her eyes and then we try again. I just feel bad about her lying there all alone.
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