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Re: I'm a thread killer!

Originally Posted by 2cutetoddlers View Post
This is the first time they are going to daycare but I'm trying to look at the upside
I'm ridding all that I have and only going with prefolds ...
DS-GMD XL prefolds and Bummis L covers
DD-undies and HH potty trainers

They will be in daycare 3 days a week Monday, Tues, and Wednesday then after about 2-3 more weeks it will be my full time work hours....
Aww they will be fine! I used to work in a daycare center. I loved it. Miss it and can't find another job doing it Booo! I preferred infants and 1's. 2's were ok. 3&4's were cool in the aspect of they had more personalities and the things they would talk about were hilarious!
I am glad you found a CDing daycare!

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Hey now. No real conversations allowed The thread will never die if people talk about real things!
Well Pooo! That is no fun!
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