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Re: I'm a thread killer!

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Ok I log off for an hour and the thread goes viral!
Well as close to viral as I will ever get anyway.

All the talk of ice cream has made me send poor DH out shopping, in an ice storm, at 10 pm, to the nearest grocery store which is 25 minutes down the freeway, cause I NEED ICE CREAM!

So I think we all agree ice cream cones it is.

OH and I propose we have a rule that you are NEVER allowed to make fun of bad spelling and terrible grammar.

I know I am guilty of both!

NOW then on to questions no-one will ever answer -

How the heck do you multi-quote? I see the little box thingy but in 3 years I've never figured it out.
Oh no! I hope he drives safe. Ice storm here in N. KY...keep that stuff up there! We could lose elec quick down here. That would be scary and bad to! Kidding I wouldn't wish an ice storm on anyone.

I love the spelling and grammar rule! I am guilty of both also.

Multi quote click the multi quote button upto the last post you want to quote. Then you hit quote on that one. It will take you to a window like reqular quote and you have all the posts there. You just type in between them. I hope that made sense. Sometimes I forget things or something.
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