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Re: (added photo) I struggle sewing arm holes. Is there a trick to it?

Originally Posted by vatblack View Post
I don't know why the pattern would ask you to double fold on an arm hole? In my experience it is nearly impossible to get those flat. As some pp have said, bias tape etc. is much better. for the dress you made, a nice facing would have rounded it off nicely.

It is a very cute dress and I think you managed to do better with the double fold and stitching that I would have done. I really would have pulled out the bias tape or made my own from the dress' cloth.
I've done 3 of her patterns so far and every one has had the same instruction on the arm holes (all 3 are sleeveless designs) -
fold your each of your 2 armholes in by 1/4 and press. Fold another 1/4 and press again. Sew.
And each time I've had a heck of a time getting the arm holes smooth without any puckers. This is the 4th item I've sewn from her patterns.

Thank you It's the child modeling it that makes the dress so cute
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