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thinking about making prefolds, need advice...

Thinking about making some prefolds with an inner layer of OBV and an outer layer of knit interlock (I have a couple of cute prints that I'm not using for anything...) For the inner soaker layer I'm thinking about using 2 layers of bamboo fleece. Do you think this would be enough layers? Should I use more soaker layers, or would this take forever to dry? I also have some cotton fleece scraps I could use for the inner soaker layer, how many layers would I need with cotton?

I'm also planning on making some 3 layer doublers out of the obf (for some fitted diapers I'm working on), so I'm thinking I could use these to add aborbancy if I need to, right?

Still trying to decide on size... I'm thinking about making them about the same size as a red GMD prefold, I'm assuming I would get a lot of use out of this size...

Any advice or suggestions?
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