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Re: Engorgement relief and possible EPing

Originally Posted by Connor View Post
That is wonderful news!! Maybe EPing is not in your future after all Wishing smooth sailing to you and your DS

ETA, did she say/explain what was going on? How did she help exactly? Just curious

She said that the tongue tie was misdiagnosed. I went to see the other LC when my DS was 3 days old. She said that sometimes an LC will diagnose tension as a tongue tie because it feels like the tension a tongue tie causes. She said he has no symptoms of a tongue tie, just some tension which CST should help. She said his palette is great and that he lifts his tongue well and can cup it well. The problem is my nipples. I have really big breasts and my nipples are somewhat flat and hard for him to grab onto. She had me lay on my side and use a nipple shield on my right nipple (my right nipple gets flatter when he tries to latch,) and she just helped me push him onto the nipple when his mouth opened wide.

I didn't have any trouble nursing him at 10 pm last night, but since then I've had trouble getting him to stay latched. It's kind of hard for me to push him onto the nipple because I'm short so my arms are short, but I have these DD boobs to work with lol. I'm thinking maybe I'm not putting the nipple shield on correctly, I'll have to watch a video and make sure.
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