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Re: (added photo) I struggle sewing arm holes. Is there a trick to it?

Originally Posted by TheGreenBee View Post
If your fabric is cut properly on the grain then it should fold and press smooth. If you are having a problem I would go straight back to seeing basics and make sure that your fabric is straight grained and that your pattern/cutting is properly on grain.

Cute dress though. I like it.

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I honestly pay no attention whatsoever to the grain and always wondered why this was an important step - I figured as I got a little better at sewing, I'd someday learn why this was necessary.

With that said, I do believe this particular garment is, because of the pattern in the fabric. It's got a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines I had to pay attention to in order to keep the lines going in the right direction. But yeah normally, I go in any old direction to maximize small cuts of fabric since most of my fabric is 30+ years old - mom gave me a crate full of fabric from her early quilting days in the 1970's - some of it's cheap fabric, but some of it is beautiful quilt fabrics that drape nicely.
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