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Originally Posted by daddyn4wisechix

OH MY WORD... your MOM grandma?!? LOL My YDD asked someone at Costco 2 weeks ago if he was his wife's FATHER... good thing she is 3... LOL. I guess he was nice about it & responded, "No, I'm just old!" LOL We were leaving the cafe area & I looked back to see ODD holding YDD... & YDD lips flapping... she LOVES talking to older people at Costco... she calls them grandma & grandpa! LOL Anyway, I felt so bad when ODD told me that YDD had asked him that ... she also told everybody she could at Costco that SHE is going to be a big sister too ! She had many words to speak that day! LOL

Hey, you are not THAT much older... but if you want the title, we'll let you have it !! LOL

Here, here !!

YAY that you are pregnant !!

Can you use bioidentical progesterone cream instead?? I HATE shots... do they have any idea WHY they assume you will deliver early again?? I mean, I get the concern, totally, 2 early babies... did they find a cause?? Then on the other hand, they always say every pregnancy is different, yet you will probably deliver early... I don't get when they double talk . I am glad they want to help prolong that & be proactive. Do you use an OB or MW??
Yep mom wasn't too happy when little old men would call her a I think that's why she doesn't like the term grandma now and goes by nana for dd....and I was just in no way was I a mom or wanting to be one, SIS was enough at that time lol
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