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Re: "Cradle cap" on a 3 year old??

Thanks so much ladies! I feel better knowing it's not unusual. One of my older 3 had it too but only had it mild as an infant and quickly outgrew it. I'll look for the cradle cap care at walmart, and coconut oil. Yeah she does have fair skin too.

I use to gently comb most of it off when she was still damp after a bath. Now that she's older she doesn't let me do it anymore, and will say ouch even though I'm gentle. I have tried only washing her hair a couple of times a week, instead of daily, and it hasn't made a difference that I can tell. I haven't tried only once a week though.

I was wondering if it could possibly be allergy related, but her pedi didn't seem to think so. She's had mild eczema off and on but it seems to be cleared up now that she weaned. Shortly after she weaned though she started to complain about a tummy ache off and on. I couldn't tell if it was from dairy or something else so I asked the pedi for a referral to an allergist to test her for food allergies (I found out last year I have a ton of food allergies myself) and her blood work shows she's allergic to tomatos. So she hasn't had any tomatos (or dairy) for over a week now. Her tummy ache does seem to be gone now, but it's too soon to tell if it's from the tomato's, dairy, or coincidence. I'm assuming the allergist will ask me to test them both in her diet, one at a time, after her next appointment (he asked me to switch her to soy milk for now, just in case). It would be nice if keeping tomato's out of her diet helps both the tummy ache and cradle cap.
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