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Re: Sept 2012 DDs and Appointments! - Sticky Please!

Originally Posted by cristy_1996 View Post

I was told today that since I delivered DS1 at 37w6d and DS2 at 35w5d that I will need to start progesterone shots around 16 weeks. They said I will most likely go earlier than 35w5d if I don't and that is definitely a lot more scary than just 35w5d. So I do need to research on that.
to give you comfort, you don't HAVE to take the progestrone shots - also make sure they test your progestrone level. There is a new shot that they are trying to give that is the 12coctail shot you have take this weekly and there is only a 35% success rate in carrying past 35/wks. They wanted me to get on this with dd.

ds#1: 37wks 3 days
ds#2: 35wks
ds#3: miscarriage
dd#1: 38wks (full term) -was induced, due to car wreck
( ? ) : 8/wk miscarraige
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