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Re: Sept 2012 DDs and Appointments! - Sticky Please!

I had no cause of delivering DS2 so early. It was quite the strange delivery. Just BH contractions but every 3 minutes. Dilated to 1 at check in, dilated to 2 an hour later so they said they would keep me. I wake up at 8 a.m.'ish and the doctor said I was a 5 and in active labor. No pain, nothing. Reached 6.5-7 cm's and stopped contracting...went all day until about 1 p.m....Water broke still nothing....gave me 5 minutes of pitocin and the pain finally started. Pushed him out like 30-45 minutes later. Just a super weird delivery.

I normally see my OB but today I saw the MW. She said that most deliveries go earlier than the last and since I have a history of it, it will most likely be the case. ??

I am seeing my regular OB at my next visit. He delivered both boys and is super with a natural birthing/pregnancy plan so I'll wait to chat with him in depth about it. I will be sure to ask him about the cream. I should have my results from the blood work up soon, I am sure they tested all my levels since I think they left me with an ounce of blood. :-)

I am not at all worried about shots. I spent over a month of both pregnancies giving myself numerous sticks in the leg with a Sub Q pump of Zophran. I definitely want to know more about what progesterone shots DO though and why I would need them, you know? I was super lucky with DS2 and he was perfect at birth. NO issues at all but I don't want to chance it again, for sure. And I was super lucky to have even went into the hospital b/c I seriously thought they were just Braxton Hicks contractions and almost did not go in. Had I not went in, that kiddo would have been born at home for sure..regular gestation, I can handle but premature would be super scary.
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