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Originally Posted by sunnymommy

Help me understand. Are you currently nursing your youngest? Or are you trying to relactate? If you already are nursing, why are you pumping and taking the herbs? I am trying to figure out how this would work. Do I need to be making more milk for the baby beforehand? My milk won't increase on it's own once baby starts nursing, too?

I looked on asklenore but most all of it seems to be for people who want to establish a new milk supply for an adoption. I haven't found anything about if you already have milk what, if any, steps need to be taken. I will check out the forum and see if there is anything there for this situation.
As your toddler ages and nurses less your body will start to phase out milk-making tissue. Your body will not respond to added need the same wait did when you child was a young baby. It takes more convincing to get it to make more milk. I've been pumping every.

Originally Posted by misidawnrn
If you already have milk, you will be fine just adding a baby. It should be the same as if your child goes through a growth spurt and nurses more. Within a few days, your milk will catch up. A newborn's stomach is only the size of a marble. By day 10 it is the size of a ping pong ball. Plenty of time for your milk to catch up to 2 babes! I didn't see that you had a 16 month old. If you notice him starting to wean off, you can start pumping every 3 hours before baby is born (might want to do that about 2 weeks before due date anyways). Good luck!
Not necessarily. In talking to other moms who have done this, you generally have to do a lot of pumping too because your body is not in the same mode as it is post-partum. It's a tricky game to add a new baby on without any hormonal changes to help.
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