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Re: Wondering about adoption

As the above poster explained, there are many different avenues when adopting within the US privately (meaning not out of the state system). Really, the first step is to have some discussions with your significant other and make some initial decisions on what avenue you think would best fit what you are looking for. There is no right or wrong...but some options you may be more comfortable with than others.

We started making decisions first by talking to people we knew who had adopted to gain more general information, just as you are doing by posting here. Also, if you know anyone personally, take them to coffee and ask the questions that are rolling around in your mind. We then made some calls. For us, it was between private adoption through an agency or through a private attorney. I did a lot of online research specific to our state and local area. I called and spoke to an agency that we heard high remarks about, as well as setting up an initial consultation with a very highly recommended private adoption attorney. It cost us about $300 to meet with him, but we gained SO much information from that one meeting that we felt fully confident in making solid decisions. Ultimately we went with him, and a mere 6 months after our meeting with him we were matched with our son's biological mother. 2.5 months after that we held our son in our arms at birth. It has been one of the biggest blessings of our life.

Good luck!
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