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Re: anyone adopted and nursed from birth?

Hi SunnyMommy,
Yes, I adopted and nursed from birth. There was a 3 year span from when I weaned my last child (a bio DD). If I had been more optimistic that it would go through (we've twice had adoptions fall through, once when the baby was home for 2 weeks) I would have done the above mentioned protocol by Dr. Jack Newman. But I just couldn't bring myself to prepare to lactate in preparation for a baby, and then have it fall through. Soooooo, I just bought a Lact-aid Supplemental Nursing system and got a prescription for Domperidone to fill at my discretion, and waited for baby. When baby boy came home on Day 3, he started crying and my youngest DD said "Aw Mom, give him Ma-Ma" so I did I nursed him exclusively (with the Lact-aid filled with formula) until about 4months, then did bottles and nursing. He is now 14 months old and crawls up on my knee, taps me on the shoulder (his sign for "I want bobbies") and lays down in my lap and lifts up my shirt! LOL Nursing a toddler has always been my favorite as I was worried less about making enough milk, blah, blah, blah. He has actually been my best nursing experience so far, as I let go of the supplementing with formula thing.

Well that was quite a ramble, PM me with any questions at all
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