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Re: CDing on Oahu

Originally Posted by zenmamaski View Post
lucky ducky, I contacted Dolphin Diaper Service, and they seem to be reasonably priced, but they only offer prefolds and covers. The sun is great, except that it's the rainy season now! Every time I hang out clothes, I have to take them down 10 minutes later because of a 5 minute shower. lol!
The people who run dolphin diaper service are very nice but their prefolds are too thin and reek of bleach. I would never recommend them. Which is a shame because its such a nice idea. I've gotten free shipping from sew crafty baby, for mom and keiki, sweet angel diapers and a few others. I started a thread about this a year ago. I can go find and bump it for you.

I hate babyA and refused to shop there. In a pinch I have bought biosoakers from Little Sprouts in Kailua. It's funny, everyone I know cds. I guess its who you hang out with.
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