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Re: CDing on Oahu

Hi there, I am on Oahu as well. I avoid BabyA as well, just because the cost is far too high. I would love to be able to put money into the local economy, but in my opinion their price hikes are beyond what they should be for their excuse of needing to ship their products here. If it were just a dollar or two difference I wouldn't mind because then at least I wouldn't have to wait for things to be shipped, but some diapers are $4 more or something crazy like that. It all adds up, right? In the past I have ordered most of my stuff with free shipping from momsmilkboutique. I have since discovered a cloth diapering/natural store on the Big Island that ships here for free and I don't think they have a minimum purchase requirement. I haven't tried them out yet, but I plan to because their prices are very decent!
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