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I'm thankful that my DD's medical care is pretty much all paid for. I'm thankful for our wonderful nurses. I'm thankful for the SSI that allows me to stay home (for now anyway). I'm thankful that DD, despite having CP about as severe as it gets, has attempted language...she says uh-huh and uh-uh. I'm just hoping she learns to use them consistently. I'm thankful that DS accepts his sister for who she is and has more or less adjusted to the craziness that is our lives now. I'm thankful that DD is teaching DS to be more patient and compassionate. It's a lesson most siblings don't get. I'm thankful for drugs that knock screaming little children out. I'm thankful that DD has some vision and hearing. Without it she wouldn't be nearly as sociable, which IMO, is her best trait...she LOVES people!

There's a lot more I'm sure, but that's it for now!
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