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Re: anyone adopted and nursed from birth?

I nursed our DD from birth (or two days old when we got her). I was nursing her older sister at the time who was 13 months old. While X latched on beautifully, she was a preemie so it took awhile to get my supply up to where I could nurse her exclusively. When we were still in Georgia (where she was adopted from), I supplemented maybe one bottle a day with formula?? When we got home my sister who had had a baby girl the same day we got X, pumped for me so any future bottles needed came from her. It was a Godsend! I would say it maybe took a total of two months before I didn't need to supplement at all anymore. And that wasn't supplementing everyday (somedays she would be fine other days she needed more). I did use a SNS part of the time as well. This was my second time tandem nursing but my first time with two so close in age and my 13 month old was still nursing quite a bit so it was a learning curve for me. Plus with X being a preemie it took her awhile to work up to nursing like a regular newborn did.

X is now 18 months old and still going strong so it can be done!! PM me if you have any specific questions!!
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