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Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt
I don't have any experience with this exactly, My DS never see's his Dad or stepmom(never even actually met her) so I understand having a child being ignored by a parent. I guess I would just make sure he nows you'll always be there for him. As he gets older I'm sure he's going to understand what's been happening, but with my son when he asks about his Dad I tell him, "Dad can't take care of you right now but I'll always be here and I'll always take care of you". I wouldn't confront him about her lies, I think that might be a slippery slope, if she says shes sending stuff and it never shows up I'd just tell him he can ask her about it or tell him maybe it got lost in the mail. If she doesn't call when she says I'd tell him the same, that your always there to talk to him. I'm sure it's incredibly hard to grit your teeth and bear how she's treating him but he'll know who was really his 'mom'
Oh I don't confront him about "adult" things for the most part. But I do tell him when she is flat out lying about DH and I (she does this a lot) example, one time she told DSS that her and his daddy are not married anymore because I took him from her! This is not true nor should she be saying things like this to him even if it is true (he is 7) when he came and told me that it's my fault him mom and dad don't love each other I told him that some people say things to make themselves feel better about choices they have made in life. Or when she breaks up with her many boyfriends because she is a slut and likes to get around she always tells him it's because they did mean things to her (mind you she still tells DH sister everything and it's always because she cheats. This is also why her and DH are not married anymore) I have to tell him that some people like to make people think that they do nothing wrong in life and want people to think they are perfect. I would never tell him that she is a slut, I just figure he will see when he is older.

Ugh last time she talked to him she said that her new boyfriend can't wait to meet him and he is going to be a great daddy for him ( she just got separated from her husband a month ago) I don't know what is wrong with this woman and why the heck she thinks it's ok to put this stuff in his mind!
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