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Good news I think...maybe? ***Update***

***2/1 Update***

So I got a text from expectant mom yesterday and we ended up talking for a little over an hour. I didn't get the "omg! this is really happening" feeling, but i also didn't get the scammer vibe or the "she's so not gonna place" vibe. so who knows? anyway just thought i would update.

So I don't post here much because I just haven't been feeling this adoption. I have been moody and don't want to bring others down with me. We have been waiting a lot longer than we did the first time and it just hasn't felt like it was going to happen. I pretty much was giving up on the whole second baby thing and starting to give away our baby stuff.

Then yesterday I got an email from our facilitator letting us know that we have been picked. By someone in our state! And the expectant father supposedly will sign off! (We had unknown father for our DD = some drama.) Now the not so thrilling news. She isn't due until late summer. That is a very long time. And I'm not sure if she has known about the pregnancy long enough to really mull it over. I'm sort of irritated that we were placed in contact so soon.

I was given the expectant mom's number, she wanted me to call last night. Then she didn't answer. It just rang. I called three times. (Yes I know that I shouldn't have called that much, but I couldn't help myself.) She ends up texting me that she will talk to me tomorrow. When I asked what would be a good time to call. I got no response. (I edited out some of the texting b/c I don't want to share some personal info. It was longer, nicer, and she had a reason.)

Should I drop it? Text her this afternoon? Or let my facilitator do it? What do you think?

PS: This is actually our third time doing this. One would think I would be better at this!
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