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Re: Good news I think...maybe?

Originally Posted by Beth. View Post
Hmmm, late summer. Is she asking for living expenses?

I would be very hesitant to match this early. For you - mainly because it takes you 'out of the running' for other babies that could be born next week, next month, etc. For her - I think it's way too early for most moms to really *know* that adoption is what they really want. A lot can change in 6 -7 months ... new job, new boyfriend, parent attitude changes about supporting her as a single mom, etc.

Congrats on the possible match though! It's exciting. No advice on what to do next. I think I would just leave it up to her at this point.

I don't know about living expenses, if so then she will probably need to pick another family. That is just too long for us, financially. She and her kids live with her mom now though.

We won't be pulled out of the running until we get a lawyer and do the paperwork-- so much closer. But that would be totally weird if we did talk to her for like five months and then dumped her for someone else. I am more concerned about your second point (well said, by the way). Maybe because being "picked" twice at this point seems not very likely because I am a negative nelly. But you are so right-- life happens and so much changes in seven months. I sort of think she needs more time to think. Not that it's for me to say, but still.

Hmmm...yep, I don't know what to do. But at least I am not in the unending doldrums of the wait which is nice!
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