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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - January Chat*

Originally Posted by OptoMom View Post
Hi guys, this is my first post in a due date thread, even though I've been stalking ds (and buying lots) since Sept. So nice to read what all of you have on your minds. Working out would be so nice, teething we don't have yet (wierd at 8 months?), and I still bf a lot though we try solids twice a day. We co-sleep though I wish we didnt, ds just wakes up so often I just nurse him back to sleep. Nap times are getting shorter and shorter and still somewhat unpredictable.

Anyone start thinking about getting pregnant again? The thought scares me but we had always wanted to have two close together. My dd is 10 and we do not want another "only child" or have the next one too far from this one so they can't relate to one another.

- Jennifer (mother of dd 9 and ds 3 months, wife to dh who studies his butt off)
Welcome! DS's naps are also mostly short and fairly unpredictable--usually he goes about two hours between naps if they're short but not always. I nurse him back to sleep in the middle of the night too, he's teething like crazy (though I've met moms of older babies who haven't even had their first tooth yet) so I think that's the main reason he's waking up a lot. Teeth #'s 5 and 6 are through, and DH says he thinks 7 and 8 are almost through--this kid loves his teeth! I have been thinking about getting pregnant again, but both DH and I would like to be in a better job situation than we're in right now before that happens, plus I had some complications with DS that I'd like to heal up for at least a year from. So if by DS's birthday, DH or I has a better job, we'll think about trying again but not before
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