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Re: I just need to vent!

Originally Posted by Agla View Post
Even if she was worried about your son she tried to intercede in a way that was hateful not helpful.

She is toxic. Cut her out.
I'm sorry to say but I think she probably called child services on you too.

There is a certain matriarch in my family who is brutal like that. For some reason people put up with her bs. I cut her off and she did end up apologizing but I keep her at a far distance and I do not disclose any info. to her.

People are afraid of her and it makes me crazy that I'm the only one that has stood up to her.
You hit the nail on the head, so right! it makes me crazy too that everyone takes her crap and excuses her like a 5 yr old, actually i know 5 year olds who act better!
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