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Re: I just need to vent!

Originally Posted by *Kai&Mommy* View Post
My son will not stop eating so I usually cut him off at a certain point-once I see him slowing down.
I noticed from then on when she was here for the rest of her trip she kept trying to over feed my son "he needs to eat till he's full" I noticed he started getting sick and constipated after she would do this.

Then wen't on to say I was starving my son,I did not know how to care for him that i'm stunting him,that most babies are lively and happy,he is lack lustre and slumped over. That I should be feeding my child till he burps,that i should be stuffing him.
Did she stop to think that her over feeding him could have made him "lack lustre and slumped over"? No one who eats too much is going to have any energy. If he was crying & reaching for food, then fine, continue to feed him, but you don't feed anyone until they are stuffed & burping!

I'm sorry this person did this to you. No one deserves what this person did. I hope you cut her out of your life and I hope your son's father does not take this person's word as the truth.
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