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Re: I just need to vent!

Seriously I would be furious, so mad if that happened to me. Obviously we all agree she is way overstepping. I'm wondering if she has kids, has older kids or no kids?

I agree that BNC that if you send an article about overfeeding it will just spotlight that you are doing(in her eyes) the opposite. I would however send back a letter/email saying how it's none of her business and defend yourself too at the same time. Then cut her out of your life.....

Kids can definately overeat at one sitting IMO. It might not seem like a lot of food to others, but I know if my kids drink soda(very rare - only a party or special occasion), they will get a stomach ache as they are not used to carbonated beverages, me neither. If they drink too much hot chocolate or milk shakes they will get "bad poop's, if they drink OJ ( again rarely) t2 of them will get a sore stomach/diaper rash due to acid.

A few years ago we were laughing at a family party as my kids kept eating lots of fruit. I knew too much would give them bad tummy/poops, so DH, MIL and I had to tell them to stop eating the fruit and eat some cake!! As silly as that sounds.

I think you know your son a gazillion times better then some blow into town visitor or most likely his dad across country too.
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