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Hit or miss with 11 day old-ranting!-and no poo in 4-ish days

Ok, now that i got that out. i dont know what is wrong with our BF'ing relationship. Some times we have it so well, other days, not so much. i know how to breastfeed. i taught it and nursed both my other kids! nonetheless, our latch is not perfect everytime and i have no idea what i am doing wrong. i change positions every time, apply lansinoh like its going out of style and try to get her on before she is mad. but she fusses A LOT! and she sounds gassy even tho she hasn't really pooped. (now that i think of it, she hasnt pooed at all in like 3 days!) anyways. i am sure she needs more practice but she whines so much i just want to give her a paci and walk away! oh well, i am frustrated because i just want to be over this hump and its taking FOREVER!
the end

so rather than start a new thread i figured i would just add to this one. baby is now 12 days old and has not pooed in about 4 days. the last poo was a smear on her diaper. the one before that was HUGE. she has gas and it smells like there is poo but alas, there is none. i was just reading on the LLLI website that she should have multiple poos in a day! that is so not us. i am going to take her to the MW to have her weighed tomorrow but i am starting to get nervous. today we had a much more pleasant time nursing and i believe with better latch she is more inclined to get the hindmilk. but i am scared now, i hope i have not been contributing to a FTT situation

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