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Re: Hit or miss with 11 day old-ranting!

it seems like she fusses all the time !(plus, my sense of time is totally off these days!) i don't believe i have an oversupply but she does come off sometimes with milk coming out of her mouth, in fact, when i burp her sometimes the reason is because she has spit milk back up. then of course she wants to go back on! it makes me question if she is getting enough. she does make wet diapers tho which is a plus. i haven't really tried in a reclining position, my breasts are humongous compared to her little body so I haven't quite mastered that yet.
i don't know, i went back to review latch and positioning. i think i will also pay closer attention to what i have been eating. i have been more gassy than usual also. i attributed it to all the beans i was eating before i gave birth but that was 11 days ago sooo.... yea.
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