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I'd look at past family history. Are there others with a similar extensive history of breaks? I'd ask your parents if they know of any others who have dealt with similar problems.

Some of the situations do sound like times when one could be easily injured & break a bone, like a trampoline, with out any other condition. I'd be looking at things like serious or more unusual breaks under situations when most would just walk away with bruises.

For example, I have Ehlers Danlos, a genetic connective tissue disorder. I tripped in my living room, had a minor fall that didn't even require ice & I tore the meniscus, took a chunk out of the muscle on the other side & cracked my knee cap. I had a really minor fall but did major damage. I had surgery in August & still can't walk well & as my orthopedic dr put it my "range of motion sucks" LOL And just from using crutches from the knee surgery, I have 2 bulging & herniated disks sitting on a nerve and need surgery ASAP to fix that mess.

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