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Well, the only other person I know of with breaks in my family off the top of my head is my mom. She broke her collar bone when she was little, t I think that was it. We don't know much of her family history because she was adopted. We know the family, but don't keep in much contact. I could ask them.

My sister broke her nose once. She was in center field in softball and someone hit a grounder and it popped up into her face right as she bent down to catch it. She also broke her finger, but it was smashed in between two very very heavy doors.

Other people, I don't recall being hurt. It's just crazy that out of all of the kids in our family in two generations (my sibs and cousins, and our kids) the ONLY two people ever hurt on the many trampolines is just me and my daughter. And thats with 25 ish people over the years! And we all played rough and did flips and double bounced each other and played that whole "bacon and eggs" game where you lay flat like bacon and if they bounce around you and you bend you are "cooked" and egg is the same except you are in the fetal position and "crack". we did all kinds of crazy things as kids and now all it takes is one little random fall and my kid breaks a bone.

On another note though, I'm so sorry for what you are going through! That sounds very painful!!
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