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Re: Hard water

Originally Posted by GlobalMama89 View Post
Thanks for posting since I am dealing with same issue! Just building my stash when I read about hard water effects on cloth dipes -- especialy pockets (so now I am avoiding those). I'm trying to buy only cotton AIOs (any suggestions for faves?) and will mostly do prefolds and covers.

I have already bought Ecover detergent. I got my info from these two websites: and I did not realize Rockin Green had a version just for hard water! Very cool. Now I just wish they would sell it in local stores...
Many momas have success with these natural detergents. Remember though. These sites and detergents are made by cd'ing companies. They profit from sales. I tossed their input out the window years ago. Too many momas posting daily on here with stink issues with those detergents.
Hot water is great, strong main stream detergent rock, bleach is awsome, ect... Do what works for you! Try starting with the detergent you currently use hun. Cloth isn't that much of a difference from washing cloths and you know how to do that! The just get loaded with poo, urine, and bacteria. They don't need to be washed as delicates. They need a heavy duity wash routine. Play around with the detergent amnt and don't skimp, but don't over do it either. Once you find what works for you and your water and machine, stick with it. They arn't collectables, they're diapers. And enzymes, they are my best friend!!! For hard water, a softner will neutralise that issue for you.
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