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Re: Cleaning up credit record?

do you do any online shopping? If so, you could have him open a card in his name - and use that for household purchases online? But keep the card/number on you/at home? We essentially do this here... no matter what we're buying online, we have one card (it's in hubs' name) and we pay it off each month. We use it when we shop off of amazon or christmas presents or whatever...

Originally Posted by All Fleeced Out View Post
There's no way with me or my dh would be comfortable with him having a credit card. lol - it is hard enough to get him to give me the debit card receipts so I can subtract the gasoline from our checkbook, but he tends to see credit cards as free money, which is why he's never had one. I'm the only cc holder in the family, and it's staying that way. lol - I'm not overly concerned with him having good credit, but more concerned with people coming after him someday - if that is even possible... And the repo'ed truck thing - does he actually need to pay that or is it "settled" because they took the truck from her? I need to look over his report again and make a list of things. Also, how would I go about contacting someone about setting up payment plans (and since we can only afford tiny payments a month, would they even accept it or would we just cause more trouble for ourselves by drawing attention to us?)

I don't know if there is any way to prove that stuff isn't actually his, because it WAS in his name. He was in Korea, and his wife/ex-wife (yeah, she continued to do it after they were divorced) was writing bad checks and signing his name, truck got repo'ed because it was in his name and she blew off the payments, etc. If we did dispute the bad checks, wouldn't we have to go after her for fraud? That would seriously mess up things with his daughter if we tried. She doesn't "play" by the rules.
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