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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Originally Posted by RM09Mama View Post
Have you considered the possibility that your son's varicella vaccination GAVE you shingles?? It's a live virus vaccine and your child sheds the virus for a few days to a week after receiving the virus (this is also true of the rotavirus vaccine, for the other poster who said she and her husband got it but their kids had a mild case -- how soon after the vaccination did this occur?). When you count the incubation time, it lines up perfectly with when you got shingles. But did your child's doctor EVER mention that side effect of the varicella or rotavirus vaccines?

Read this article for more info -- it sums up a lot of the questions about the varicella vaccine:
Unfortunately, the person writing this blog article has their facts backwards.

While it is true that it is remotely possible for someone with shingles to infect someone with chickenpox, it is not possible the other way around. It is also possible (remotely) for someone who has never had chickenpox to contract chickenpox from someone who has recently had the vaccine (and becomes contagious). However, exposure to chickenpox (wild or vaccine) does not cause shingles. In fact periodic exposure to chickenpox is believed to lessen an individual's likelihood of contracting shingles. This is actually a reason that scientists believe that more younger people are contracting shingles - because with the varicella vaccine, young adults are exposed less frequently to children who have chickenpox.

Shingles comes from a reactivation fo the varicella zoster virus. It is caused primarily by stress or in people who are immunocompromised.
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