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I have a long history of fractures and most from very untramatic events. First break to my right arm was from falling off the trunk of a car. Second was a Coolies fracture (which typically occurs in elderly women) from tripping and falling forward with outstretched arms. Broke my left arm falling off the bottom bed of a bunkbed. I've had a greenstick fracture of a rib on my right side that I still have no clue how I got and have broken ribs twice in horseback riding falls. Another fall from a horse bought me a plate and four screws to my right hand. The ortho md that did my surgery kept commenting about my frail looking xrays and "soft to the drill" bones. I also have two bone scans that showed osteopenia (low bone density) in some bones and osteoporosis in others AT 23 YEARS OLD!!!! All this led to many appointments with many specialists. Finally a metabolic bone disease specialist in a major university system saw me, ran a bazillion and one tests, and decided I was fine. Apparently I'm just brittle. Who knows!?!
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