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What if u go green and purple? I love the dress up corner idea and think u could do that cheaply with thrift store mirror and hooks and a basket.thrift stores are great for dress up clothes local one even separates out costumes into their own aisle. Paint can really change a room. Get a couple cans of spray paint (or regular paint) and u can paint an old dresser. Table. Mirror frame. Etc. Or spray paint old wicker baskets in your rooms colors. And put them on a. Shelf (great for organization). I haven't tried the wall escapes but I like the idea of them, especially if you are scared of paint. Bedding and curtains... If you ate a sewer you could do something super customized fairly cheap. Joanne fabric flyers have good coupons. Otherwise. Go with solid color sheets and maybe u could find comforter on sale or even keep your eyes open on your locales Craigslist. And always ask them if their list price is the lowest theyd go. If you don't ask for a discount you won't get one.
My 15 mo old has a polkadot theme room.which now I'm kinda sick of. But I spent so much time hand painting the circles I don't want to paint over it. We are also fairly handy and got some maple flooring out of an old farmhouse for 10th cents a board so we stripped that and installed. Sander,sander,sander,stained and sealed it.lot of work but love it.all the furniture is from Craigslist.(changing table for $10-score!) Then I got "toy box which is a Orange metal party ice "cooler". Orange metal picnic silverware holder is sweet for changing table caddy. I made curtains, quilt, bedskirt, recovered some pillows. Also made a "lobst" and 80 or so(yea I made a lot. Was nesting for sure) cloth wipes in same polkadot theme. Since I'm prettier w #2, we will put baby in this room and move our son into a big boy room which I'm looking for ideas on at the moment
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