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Match diapes to outfit?

This is probably a dumb question but I'm both sleep deprived and a fashion idiot so please bear with me...

Let's say I have a child in a cute top (dress or t shirt) and I have an orange diaper to match it. We're going out. Do you all really then only take orange diapers with you that day?

I find that my children's diapers generally match first thing in the morning but after that it's a total crapshoot (no pun intended) even to the point where boys are wearing pink, girls are in planes etc. Then I go out and I realize once I'm there that LO's are all clashing head to toe: orange shirt/purple diape, printed green T/pink bows diape (on a boy!), Yellow dotted dress/camoflage diape etc. - it's horrifying really. But I leave the car packed with diapes so I don't have to constnatly re-pack the diaper bag right before leaving the house so there's no way to match on a daily basis- there is enough to remember and if I forgot diapers it would be an utter disaster. Even if they do (by some miracle) match, it's almost guaranteed that that child will spit up/vomit/eat messily necessitating an outfit change, which will then clash with the diaper.
How do you deal? Only bring one color diape/day? What if the outfit needs changing? Am I overthinking this???

Here's the other part - I'm basically an unintentional walking advertisement for cloth diapers because we get a lot of (unwanted) attention and a lot of people notice the diapers -but fine, if it has to be that way (the constant attention I mean), I want to at least show the diapers off in a good light and not look like I'm totally colorblind.

What do you guys do about matching the diape to the outfit (assuming the diaper shows I mean. If it doesn't show, I couldn't care less.)
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