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Re: Diaper Sprayer - Necessity or luxury?

Originally Posted by boilerbebeRN View Post
This may be a really stupid question. My DD is 6 months old and we are just getting into solid foods and before this she has had EBF poos so I just threw it all in my wet bag and washed. Never any staining. Is it necessary to either dunk or diaper spray now that her poops are not EBF? Is it still an option to flip the solid ones into the toilet and do nothing with the peanut buttery ones? Sorry....I'm new to all of this.
I would definitely dump any solids into the toilet, and get as much of the other poop off as possible. When a baby is not longer EBF, everything changes. You might be just fine, but it's a gamble - you definitely run the risk of encountering a lot of staining, at least.
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