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BG Freetime vs. Tot Bots Easy Fit

Anyone have an opinion on these two? I would especially like to hear from those who have tried both. I want to simplify my stash and only have 2 kinds of diapers (a good aio or pocket for daytime & MEOS with wool at night).

I'll tell you my hold backs on both diapers...

The Tot Bots seem great. Only thing is I don't really like stuffing pockets. Mostly because I'm a little ocd and always think I didn't stuff it right. Some diapers, like the lone HH I have, are a pita to stuff. Are these easy?

Now for the Freetime, these seems perfect except I'm wondering if they will be good babysitter diapers?? I would get the velcro ones but for some reason I'm scared the inserts would be folded in some weird way that the microfiber would touch baby's skin. I could just tell everyone how to use them but I'd rather have a self explanatory diaper. Are these easy for those that don't know about cloth diapers?

Thanks for listening to all of this!
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