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I just remembered I was going to show you the bedding. If you haven't found anything yet, here it is. It isn't perfect. The embroidery floss is pulled in a few spot and there may be a couple light stains from drinks and or storage.

Actually I opened it up and just noticed that one has a yellow dye stain. Who knows from where. I can soak in oxy and try to remove it.

Anyway. Here it is. There are two of these.


The reverse is solid pink. I have the valance and can find one sham. There should be two shams but I am not sure if I can find the second one.

Anyway. Your FFS if you want them. Pretty sure the one I photographed is the poorer condition of the two. If you're interested I will unpack and double check the other one so there are no surprises and you can decide based on condition. I just don't want to unpack it of you don't think not wil work.

PM me if you like because I'm not sure I will find this thread again. LOL

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