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Re: Match diapes to outfit?

First of all, I commend you for asking this question, as I have often wondered the same things. So far it has not been a big issue as it is winter and he has not left the house without pants!
Originally Posted by southernbelle04 View Post
I usually don't worry about matching diapers unless we are going out. I'll "save" the matching one & put it on just before we leave.
I fall into this category I'd say. But then again we arent swimming in diapers either so I don't have a lot to choose from as far as competely matching. I put a nice one on and take the matchy matchy one for the first diaper change in case there are people around, because you're right, they do draw a lot of attention and I'd like to show them in all there glory lol
Then again I am a WAHM so I don't have this problem a whole lot yet, maybe once it gets nicer out I will but hopefully by then we will have cycled through and into more diapers. I also try to take at least one good picture of him a day and normally when I put the matching diaper/ shirt combo on first thing in the morning lol If I were you, I'd just keep solid, GN colors in the car if you don't want them to look like it's clash day [did you guys have that in school?! lol]
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