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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

My DS (dx'd Pdd-nos several years ago, now more aspergers that he has caught up verbally) goes to a regular private school. Our public school told me that he would fail in their classrooms, but he was too smart to qualify for help, so I had to search for other options. The small class size is exactly what he needs, and it allows the teacher to pay close attention to him if he needs help. The school has a strong character education program, so I don't have to worry about bullying. It is an all boys school, so physical activity is incorporated throughout the curriculum. And they can give him so much more than I could at home. He is thriving academically.

Making friends hasn't been easy, but he did find another boy who he plays with, and since bullying is absolutely not tolerated, we haven't had any negative experiences. We have worked a lot on the social stuff at home. His best friend lives across the street and is over several times a week. By supervising th play dates I can help DS learn from the various social situations.
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