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Re: Using Green Line Diapers at night?

We use them at night and love them. My DD has become a super soaker so I am using 2 regular GL soakers. I took Natasha's advice and folded each soaker differently and the diaper was not fat at all. I folded one in half then brought the front in on both sides so that it created a fan in back for the bottom layer. Then I trifolded the 2nd, folding up the front to the right length and layed that one on top, all covered with a fleece liner. The diaper was only slightly fatter then a cover with 1 soaker this way. No leaks as usual and probably more comfy for my DD when sleeping.

If you are going to use flats with a fleece cover then I would also recommend folding them both differently so that the distribution of inserts is not as bulky. This doesn't affect the absorption at all. However, I do recommend the GL soakers. They are AWESOME!

We will never use another diaper for nighttime.

ETA: I put this diaper on for 12 hours and no leaks.
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